Maarten de Kroon

Maarten de Kroon is an award winning Dutch filmmaker and writer. He started his career in documentary film as a researcher and scriptwriter, working together with director Olivier Koning, winning the Golden Calf at the Netherlands Film Festival for the documentary Terbeschikkinggsteld (1984). The series of portraits PASSION (1986) again was awarded with the Golden Calf.

Together with his brother and director Pieter-Rim de Kroon he made the documentary Dutch Light (2003), that won several awards on international festivals and F.I.S.H.I.N.G, premiered in 2012.

In 2014, he directed the documentary LANDLOCKED in Moldova (audience award at the Chronograph Film Festival in Chisinau), and in 2015 he made a portrait of Dutch artist Jan Andriesse for Dutch Masters in the 21st century (television, Interact). In 2016 his feature documentary film Mysterious Masterpiece (Cold Case Torrentius) premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival, travelled international festivals and was broadcasted on Dutch television, in 2017 he produced and made the long documentary De Pont Museum: Room for Art also in cooperation with Jeanne van der Horst (broadcasted on Dutch television) and several short artist-portraits (Roni Horn, Anish Kapoor and Fiona Banner).

For the Kunstmuseum The Hague he made a documentary about the late garden works by Claude Monet, in 2020 he produced and made OUT OF FOCUS, a local documentary about the first pandemic Covid wave and the impact on art and artists.

Currently he is working on a portrait of his friend and artist Jan Andriesse, who died in the summer of 2021. In December 2022 a new 96 minutes film will be premiered: OLD MASTER, NO SECRETS: a  slow Masterclassfilm on painting with the Dutch artist Philip Akkerman. 

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